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Ren Wiebe

Ren Wiebe has devoted the past 25 years to helping leaders and teams elevate their leadership game. After 8 years in progressive finance leadership roles, he discovered his passion for leadership development. He returned to school to complete a Master's in Applied Psychology - with an emphasis on career development and leadership. Since 1991, he has worked as a Leadership Development Coach and Consultant - much of that time with one of Canada's premier leadership development consulting firm. In 2014 he started his own Leadership Development practice and in 2019 he co-founded Alliance By Design with his wife and business partner Joanna Cotton.

As a Leadership Coach, Ren draws on his business experience and decades as a trusted confidant to leaders at all level in multiple industries across the private and public sectors. His mission as a coach is to support and energize the development of leaders. 

Ren has unique expertise working with intact leadership teams wanting to improve their team effectiveness. He creates an environment for teams to have authentic and important conversations about their team productivity and culture. He also delivers high-impact leadership training programs in both large and small organizations. He is a sought-after facilitator/trainer of programs that integrate classroom and virtual learning, peer coaching and development planning. 

Ren is a certified executive coach and he brings his “coach approach” to how he facilitates and leads groups. He creates dynamic learning environments based on powerful and productive dialogue. 

Ren Wiebe

Ren is a terrific leadership facilitator and a pleasure to work with. He has a wonderful ability to relate to people in a way that challenges them in a safe environment. As a trusted advisor, Ren paid close attention to what we as a client wanted, captured that essence, and delivered on it, while adding additional value. As a service provider, he understands the unique needs of my organization and tailors his approach to exceed expectations. Ren has been a valued contributor to our leadership programs and has had a lasting impact.

Paul Trudel
SVP People and Culture,

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Ren's Story

I was born and raised in Winnipeg. This is where I first understood the importance of community. I studied business in university and believed I would find lasting challenge and contribution in a world of finance. I worked in progressive roles in the commercial real estate sector – developing office towers, hotels and retail plazas. I was challenged and rewarded, AND realized that I had not found my true community or calling. 
In 1988 I left my well-paid job in favour of a backpack and a one-way airplane ticket. For 18 months I followed my instincts and explored the broader global community. My journey exposed me to world so different and truths so similar. Above all, I realized I was born to serve and support. All my greatest accomplishments and satisfactions revealed this common theme!
I decided to do a Masters in Applied Psychology with a focus on leadership and career coaching. I had come to believe that my greatest opportunity was to help people create purpose and impact in their work. For 5 years I worked in the not-for-profit sector, serving those who were searching for a clear career mandate. I worked with professionals, executives, artists and recent graduates – all who wanted more from their work lives. I learned to listen, ask question, encourage and challenge. I learned to use leading-edge assessment tools to help people understand their talents and what mattered most to them. 
In 1996 I joined a boutique Human Capital consulting firm – GSW Consultants. There I learned from the best in the business about the art and science of coaching, assessment and facilitation. I learned that leadership truly matters, and re-doubled my commitment to serving and supporting leaders. 
In 2002 I joined Knightsbridge and a team committed to developing the best Leadership Development services on the planet. I have had the chance to coach and assist some of the most talented and committed leaders in the private and public sectors. I have had the opportunity to facilitate award-winning leadership development programs. I has been honoured to support senior leadership teams as they worked to dial up their impact as a team. 
In 2014 my mission continued and changed in format. I launched my own leadership consultancy with the goal of broadening my community and contribution to the development of leaders. Since then I have continued to serve and support leaders and teams that are committed to professional growth and development. My journey continues now in 2019 as I co-launch Alliance By Design with my wife and business partner Joanna Cotton. I am living my mission and love my community!

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