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Alliance By Design

We partner with organizations to transform their leadership capability through customized individual and team development services. 


We help organizations, teams, and leaders create a compelling vision for the future, and then take meaningful steps towards that vision.

Who We Are

Our mission at Alliance By Design is to increase the impact of leaders in their professional and personal lives. We are certified leadership coaches and consultants, and each bring over 30 years of varied experience to the field of leadership development. Our goal is to help individuals and organizations build the mindsets, skills, and processes to create sustainable leadership development. 

After 8 years in progressive finance leadership roles, Ren Wiebe discovered his passion for leadership development. He returned to school to do a Master's in Applied Psychology - with an emphasis on career development and leadership. Since 1991 he has worked as a Leadership Development Coach and Consultant - much of that time with Canada's premier leadership development consulting firm - LHH Knightsbridge. In 2014 he started his own Leadership Development practice. 


For 25 years Joanna  Cotton was an executive leader in the Publishing and Educational Travel industries. She built a strong reputation as a people leader and team developer. She coached and mentored dozens of individuals and teams to achieve greatness. Throughout her career, Joanna's passion for leadership development was a priority in how she led. In 2015 Joanna left her executive role to become a Leadership Coach and Consultant. She completed her coaching certification with Coach Training Institute (CTI) and team/systems coaching with ORSC.

In 2016, we joined forces to help organizations grow their leadership capacity. Together we coach leaders and leadership teams, deliver leadership development programs, and facilitate strategic planning. The key to success in all engagements is the designed alliance we create with our clients. We create this alliance to ensure all development initiatives are purpose-fit to the client's unique business context and goals. Our "secret sauce" comes from our own designed alliance (as life and business partners) and our ability to create transformative experiences for our clients.

We understand that transformation takes time, practice and intentional design – it isn't a one and done affair! Going to the gym once doesn't create a six pack. Speaking vows at the altar doesn't guarantee marital bliss. Having an expensive dinner doesn't automatically lead to meaningful connection. Ropes courses or trust falls don't create high performing teams. Each activity may have a role to play, but none are lasting silver bullets. We help leaders and team intentionally build their leadership capacity. 


Ren Wiebe 0422.jpg

Ren Wiebe

M.Ed., ACC

Joanna Cotton leadership coach 0072.jpg

Joanna Cotton


What Our Clients Say

Our clients talk about our combination of business experience and leadership development expertise. They appreciate our interpersonal dynamic - based on a 35-year personal relationship. They say we create a safe and open environment that allows for insight, authentic communication, straight-talk and humour.  They value our collaborative approach and our ability to create a fun development environment. They appreciate our commitment to creating the best solutions for each individual and organization.


Working with Joanna and Ren has been a real joy.  They took the time to understand our business and needs throughout the process to deliver results that were incredible. As coaches, they got us to dig deeper than expected and challenged us in ways we didn’t foresee. The process has led to profound insights with lasting impacts both professionally and personally. 

In working with Joanna and Ren we have become much more effective as a team in everything we do from communication to execution. We have embraced a culture of shared leadership and a much clearer vision and path to achieving our common goals.

Both Joanna and Ren are passionate and incredibly astute. Their interest in the success of our business and the success of each individual in our company resonates to this day. They are truly remarkable people.

Carey Low
President and Owner
Canadian Manda Group

Our Services

What We Do

Alliance By Design's fundamental belief is that organizations, teams and leaders can do great things (sometimes unimaginable things) when they work intentionally to increase their productivity and cultivate a strong culture.

Team Effectiveness Coaching

Ren Wiebe and Joanna Cotton understand that leadership teams are more effective and achieve better results when they take time to intentionally align around their core purpose and priorities, understand each other, and create an environment of trust and authentic communication. They have proven success in helping teams increase both Team Productivity and Team Culture – the two key elements of team performance.

Leadership Development Programs

Ren and Joanna partner with organizations to understand the core leadership skills required to support the business strategy. They then design bespoke programs that create lasting skill development. Their custom programs target the three key levers of growth – mindset, skillset and processes/tools - to create sustainable growth for leaders at all levels.

​Individual Leadership Coaching

Ren and Joanna provide coaching support to individual leaders who are committed to enhancing their impact. They use a proven approach to help leaders understand who they are, who they want to become, and develop clear plans for how they will achieve their vision.  They act as confidential sounding boards, confidants, and cheerleaders – energizing their clients to become the best authentic version of themselves. More about:

Casual Meeting

​Recent Engagements with Leadership Teams

National Digital Content and Sales Organization

Faced with disruptive changes this national organization is taking bold steps to transform their product offerings and delivery platforms, while expanding into new and synergistic product lines and service. In this context there is a compelling need to change how leaders work during transformation.
Alliance By Design Support:

  • Provided individual leadership coaching to numerous senior and mid-level leaders

  • Coached the senior leadership team to align on core purpose and increase team effectiveness

  • Delivered custom leadership development program for senior and next level leaders to enhance the mindsets and skills needed to lead in a time of transformative change


Leaders coached are dramatically more impactful - clearer about their leadership vision and confident in their capacity to lead in this time of transformational change.
The senior leadership team is working together like never before to eliminate silos, increase productivity and create a culture of trust and collaboration.
Leadership development programs have led to significant mindset shifts and skills development – many have described the programs as being the best I've ever experienced!  

Recent Engagements
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